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If you’ve been thinking about the following, it may be time to replace your furnace.

  • Do you find yourself frequently adjusting the thermostat to keep cool or warm? A furnace that may need replacing can have a difficult time distributing heat in your home or building. This may be the reason some rooms are too cool and others are too warm. With a properly functioning furnace you should rarely have to adjust the thermostat.
  • How does everyone in your home feel? An old furnace won’t be able to clean the air as well as a new furnace can. With an old furnace the air won’t have as much moisture in it, causing the air to feel stale. If you notice people having more allergies or dry throat, than your furnace may be the culprit. Even drooping plants or dust accumulation are sure signs that the air in your home or building is lacking moisture.
  • Are your bills going up above the normal market rate? Older furnaces are absolutely less efficient than new ones.  Sure gas prices tend to increase throughout the year, but if your bill seems higher than “normal”, you may have a furnace to blame. At this point, it’s definitely a wise investment for a new furnace. The money you’re sending to the gas & electric companies, could easily be used toward a new furnace investment.  

Emergencies Happen

When they do, call Plumbing Co Santa Monica immediately. If an area of the plumbing system is broken, clogged, or leaking, odds are the entire system is at risk. This will most likely be an overflowing or clogged toilet, but no matter the issue, get a professional over for an inspection. An experienced profession will need to come on sight as soon as possible. Rest assure with our emergency plumber santa monica services. This covers Venice, Pacific Palisades, and Brentwood as well.


Heating services

We offer a wide range of heating services including: thermostats, air cleaners and humidifier, boilers, water heaters, baseboard heating, radiant heating, and the replacement of filters. Have you ever thought, which heating services near me are available? Not to worry, we’ve got it covered!


Gas Heater Repair

Sure the weather in Santa Monica is nearly perfect year round, there are those nights when a little heat will make all the difference. If your gas heater breaks down, you won’t know until you go to use it. Have us check it’s health, and we’ll get your gas furnace back up and running. It’s what we do.


We Care About Home Heating Repair

We value our appearance. We’re coming into your home, and having a appropriate work attire is extremely important. Our shoes are tied and clean. Our attitude is positive. We’re here to serve. All of our employee’s agree, your satisfaction is our first priority. We understand you’ve got options. You can call ABC cooling and heating, horizon services, and pacific coast plumbing, but we truly believe, we can provide higher value and leave a remarkable impression.

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